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Search@UW combines what have historically been separate search venues in a single site, making your search experience faster and easier. You are able to simultaneously search article databases, books & media shelved in the UW Library System, physical course reserve materials, and digital collections.

This site is still under construction and has not been fully configured. Changes will continue throughout the semester. Check the table for the status of planned enhancements.

In Progress In Use
ArCat (WI Historical Society) Articles Mega-Index
UW Digital Collections Login/e-Shelf Functions
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  UW Books & Media
  UWSP Books & Media

What Am I Missing?

Not much! Search@UW includes 100% of the top 10,000 journals and 93% of the top 45,000 journals. 99.25% of all requests are for articles published in journals that are included.

When Not
to Use

  • Current events (individual databases updated faster)
  • Regional, state and local newspapers
  • Historical New York Times
  • Specialized non-article/book databases (e.g. Naxos Music Library)
You can also access additional databases directly through our Find Databases lists.

Searching Remote Databases, Please Wait

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